UK Pub Offers What Could Be the World’s Largest Steak

World's largest steak

Remember that scene in The Great Outdoors where John Candy (RIP) tries to eat a 96-ounce steak? He tackles the challenge nobly, but chances are the 150-ounce offered at the Duck Inn in Redditch, Worcestershire would’ve knocked him out.

The Duck Inn pub will comp the $177 steak if anyone can eat the entire thing – along with a side of onion rings and chips – in under an hour. The rump steak is 12″ long and 12″ wide, and bout 4″ thick. It weighs nearly nine pounds and takes two hours to prepare (medium rare). So far, it’s bested all who have challenged it.

Pub landlords Ashley and Louise Gargan explain that the steak challenge came about because patrons were asking for a larger steak. They also offer smaller steaks, although their version of “smaller” includes an 80-ouncer, 90-ouncer, and 120-ouncer.

UK’s Daily Mail newspaper is suggesting that the steak could possibly be the largest in the world. But the Huffington Post found a 205-ounce steak offered at AJ’s Steakhouse in Grinnel, Iowa.

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