A Notable Restaurant Employee

You know, we here at One Fat Frog don’t just sell restaurant equipment. We also frequent restaurants. We like to see the places that are out there and try new things, or just hit the places we know because we enjoy the familiarity of it. Last weekend, I myself had a moment where I wanted something familiar, so I hit a place I know pretty well, my local Gator’s. While I was down there, I pulled up a seat at the bar to watch the rest of the Packers/49ers game (which is very, very sad for those of us who root on the Packers).

While I was at the bar, I met a young lady named Tiffany. She had told me that she had just started bartending, but you wouldn’t have thought that if you saw her. She was all over that bar, running from one end to the other. There was not a single person sitting there that wasn’t waiting on immediately when they needed service. She was good at remember names, drink orders, and she went above and beyond what one would need at that time. Her drinks were good and her pour counts were perfect (yes, I was watching her counts). At the end of my time at the bar (and a couple mixed beverages), I was thoroughly impressed with how much she was able to do.

If you find yourself at the Gator’s on Red Bug Lake Road in Winter Springs, say hi to Tiffany at the bar. And if she’s not there, ask when she will be. She put in a great effort, and definitely one worth noting at this time.

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