Japanese Sushi Chain Pays $1.76 Million for Tuna. Like, One Tuna.

Record bluefish tuna

When I splurge on seafood I might drop $15 to $20 on a piece of Alaskan salmon or a pound of crab legs. Normally though I don’t spend more than $6 on a couple frozen salmon filets. I could live off seafood though. I want a stream of coconut shrimp coursing through my body at all times.

My seafood budget can’t touch that of Kiyoshi Kimura, president of the Suchi-Zanmai restaurant chain in Japan. On Saturday, Kimura dropped a staggering $1.76 million at a Tokyo fish auction for a bluefin tuna. This is a new record and breaks down to $3,603 per pound.

The 489lb tuna was caught off northeastern Japan and will be used for sushi and sashimi. The choicest cuts of the fatty bluefin can sell for $24 per piece at Suchi-Zanmai restaurants.

The price was steep, but Kimura said he wished to “encourage Japan.”

The number of bluefin tuna in the Pacific is dwindling and there are strict catch limits in the U.S. and Mexico, but not for countries in the western Pacific, including Japan.

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