Famous Restaurant Rivalries

After reading about the man who got angry over some ketchup on a Philly cheesesteak, it got me thinking about great restaurant rivalries. Sure, there are the big chains, but what’s really fun are those local places that found themselves in the hearts and minds of people across the country and even the world. So here are some great restaurant rivalries and where you can find them.

-Pat’s vs. Geno’s, Philadelphia, PA, Philly cheesesteaks

-Kreuz Market vs. Smitty’s Market, Lockhart, TX, barbecue food

-Pizzeria Uno vs. Lou Malnati’s, Chicago, IL, deep dish pizza

-Anchor Bar vs. Duff’s, Buffalo, NY, buffalo wings

-Blue Heaven vs. Blond Giraffe, Key West, FL, key lime pie

Anyone who ends up going to any of these places…bring me back take-out.

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