Don’t Ask for Ketchup on Your Cheesesteak!

Food is an emotional subject for many of us, and epic arguments will often take place among friends over the most benign food topics. McDonald’s or Burger King? New York or Chicago pizza? Regular or extra crispy? But how many of us can honestly say that they’ve been mouthed off by an employee for asking for such an atrocity like…putting ketchup on a cheesesteak?

Cheesesteak sandwiches are already an element of controversy in some areas of the country (cough…Philadelphia..cough), but for one Orlando resident, apparently the request was worth a tongue-lashing from the man making the sandwich. The customer, known as Martinez according to one article, asked for ketchup on the Philly cheesesteak, to which the worker, Ordone, said he’d never put ketchup on a sandwich. Supposedly Martinez mouthed back, and Ordone allegedly threw a chair to the side and told Martinez to “fight me like a man.” Martinez called the police, but no one was arrested, though Ordone is now looking for a new job.

This just goes to show that food does matter to us emotionally. But seriously, there’s no need to fight over this. Make cheesesteaks, not war.

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