Restaurant Management: Using Social Media

Let’s start off with an extremely obvious statement: our world is digital. Of course you know that; you’re reading a blog that One Fat Frog hosts and runs. So in this new digital world, it’s important to use social media as a means to to get more interested in your restaurant. Here are a few ideas of what can be done with social media:

-Create an online promotion: if you have a Facebook page, a Twitter handle, or some other means, you could send out a ticket for a free drink, or maybe give away a prize to a random person who “likes” the page within a certain time frame. It may take time, but with so many using social media nowadays, it’s a great way to get noticed.

-Get your customers involved: have them post pictures at your restaurant and “tag” your business. Maybe they’re participating in an event at your restaurant, perhaps you’ve got a contest they’re trying to win. Social media has become the new word-of-mouth, and getting tagged in a post is the digital form of telling a friend to check out your place.

-Interact with people: don’t just post a page and occasionally put up a status update. Talk to them! Tell them what’s going on or invite them to comment. While it might not be face-to-face, you’re still interacting with people, and we all enjoy some interaction.

This a short but simple list, all of which could easily be accomplished and give your restaurant more of a name.

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