Ice Wine

Well, it’s still winter, and here at One Fat Frog, we don’t see it much because, well, we’re in Florida. But there other places that do see it in the form of temperatures below 50 degrees, snow on tree branches, and chains on tires to defend against icy roadways. These are common images in winter, but one image doesn’t often come to mind: harvesting grapes for wine production.

It’s true, this doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it creates one heck of a dessert wine. It’s known as ice wine, and most of the production of ice wine comes from either Canada or Germany. Usually, when grapes freeze on the vine, the harvest is considered useless, but those brave freezing souls who prepare for ice wine will harvest the grapes right after they’ve been frozen. When the grapes freeze, water becomes frozen, but the sugars and other dissolved solids don’t, which creates a more concentrated sweet wine.

Of course, the harvest has to take place at the right time, and it takes a lot of people to pull it off. If the grapes get too cold, they’ll be ruined, so when it’s time to go at harvest, it must be done and done quickly. Because of the huge undertaking necessary to produce ice wine, the output is not very large and the final product is usually very expensive. This particular wine nut has not yet had the pleasure of enjoy an ice wine, but when speaking to those who have, you can immediately taste the sweetness. If you’re lucky enough to try it, do enjoy it.

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