Restaurant Start-Up: Choosing a Name

In the restaurant business (heck, in any business), choosing a name can be a make or break decision. That name will be the first thing that will help a potential customer whether or not they will dine in your establishment. When it comes to choosing a name, you want to take careful consideration. If you’re stuck thinking of one, here are some suggestions:

-Pick someone significant to you: could be a relative who inspired you or just some famous figure whose name doesn’t have a copyright.

-Geography: if your restaurant near a well known forest, lake, or meteoric crater, that could be a good inspiration. Same with names of towns, streets, and more. I’m still waiting to hear about the I-4 Cafe.

-Your concept: Do you serve a specific style of food or maybe prepare it in a unique way? Sounds like that could become the name of your place…

-The area you’re in: If you’ve got a restaurant in a business district, naming it after something business-related may get some attention to you.

-Historic locations: Did you refurbish a famous hotel into a restaurant? There’s an idea for a name for the place.

-Humor: Perhaps you’ve got a clever idea for something funny, tongue-and-cheek, or witty that could stick in the back of potential patrons’ minds…like the Splinter!

The bottom line is that the name can either encourage your clients to come in the door or run screaming from it. The name should not be an off-the-cuff decision, but you probably shouldn’t strain with it either. It should be something natural, but it also needs to sell. Keep that in mind as you choose your new business’s name.

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