Bacon Soap. Checkmate.

bacon soap

Since this will be the coolest thing you hear about all day, you can go back to bed after reading this. It’s all downhill from here…

Over in Flint, Michigan there’s a restaurant called the Flint Crepe Co. And at this restaurant they sell soap made from leftover bacon grease. Bacon’s been done to death over the past year, but this is something special.

Using the soap (unfortunately) won’t make you smell like bacon. They’ve scented it with a ginger citrus blend. Joy Derby, the maker of the soap, also sells vegetables the restaurant. The Flint Crepe Co.’s modus operandi is to buy from local farmers and then give them the by-products made from their products.

I usually dump our excess grease in the garden to keep the gnomes away. Maybe soap is a better idea?

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