Start Up: Food Safety Outside of the Kitchen

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has talked extensively before about food safety in the kitchen and how to avoid dreaded cross contamination. Now we’re going to discuss how to monitor food safety outside of the kitchen. Food safety doesn’t just stop once a dish has made its way to the front of house. Your FOH staff can do plenty of damage to food on its way to a patron’s table. Here’s a list of potential food safety issues in the FOH, courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment…

• WAITERS PUTTING THEIR PAWS ON FOOD: waiters should only handle the dish, plate, or glassware – never the actual food.
• DIRTY HANDS ARE GROSS some waiters and other members of the FOH staff may handle dirty dishes and then never clean their hands afterwards. Then they return to the FOH and turn everything they touch into filth. Train your FOH staff in proper hand washing practices.
FOH CROSS-CONTAMINATION: if a FOH member is slicing lemons, be sure they’re not using a slicer that’s also used for deli meats. Always clean and sanitize slicers used in the FOH.
• EXPIRED PERISHABLES IN THE WAIT STATIONS: waiters should check all of the perishables in the wait station in between shifts. This goes for the milk, cream, and butter. Especially check these items during slow shifts when the rotation schedule may have been overlooked.
• MISPLACED TONGS ON BUFFETS: keep an eye out for germ carriers on the buffet line and replace them immediately with clean ones.
• SILLY STACKING OF FOOD: the bottoms of plates and containers could be contaminated. Create a barrier to keep bacteria off of the bottom of these items. Plastic wrap works well.
DIRTY UTENSILS AT THE DESSERT STATION: everyone deserves a clean dessert, even the most unruly patrons. Make sure the ice cream scoop, pie servers, etc. are changed regularly – at least once an hour.

There you have it folks. Several easy to follow steps to ensure your FOH staff doesn’t blow it.

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