13 Greatest Fast Food Creations of 2012

2012 fast food

Pizza on top of a pizza. The Carl’s Jr. 12x12x12 burger…these are only a couple of the mad inventions put out by fast food chains in 2012. In these times of excess, fast food chains like Pizza Hut somehow figured out how to stick more cheese into our mouths. Pizza Hut (particularly their Middle East chains) led the pack with six insane creations in 2012…here’s the entire list…

• The Doritos Locos taco from Taco Bell
• Pizza Hut Middle East’s hamburger-stuffed crust pizza
• Pizza Hut’s chicken fillet pizza and cheese burger-crust pizza
• KFC mac and cheese bites
• Pizza Hut UK’s hot dog-stuffed crust
• McDonald’s Japan’s Gracoro burger filled with shrimp, macaroni, and white sauce
• KFC Philippines “cheese top burger”
• Pizza Hut Singapore’s “Double Sensation” pizza with two crusts and two rings of toppings
• Burger King Japan’s “premium Kuro burger,” featuring a black bun
• Wendy’s Japan’s lobster & turf burger and premium caviar & lobster burger
• Burger King’s bacon sundae
• Pizza Hut Middle East’s Kit Kat pops, which are fried Kit Kat bars wrapped in pizza dough
• Pizza Hut Middle East’s “cone crust pizza” that featured parmesan-crusted dough cones in place of a crust

List compiled by HuffPost

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