Running a Restaurant: Stocking Your Restaurant

Of the many things that must be tracked when running a restaurant, keeping an adequate supply is right up there in level of importance. The easiest way to keep track of what you need is by doing a very simple listing method. Keep this list near by as you interview prospective suppliers. Here’s how to get that list started:

-Start with a list of the menu items and every ingredient needed to make each item, then put them into categories (like dairy products, meats, spices, etc.). The categories make it easy to find suppliers for a specific category (like a dairy guy, a meat guy, and so forth).

-Organize the list using a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel. This is a great way to keep the master list in one place and easy to follow.

-Be specific on the items you want. If you ask a supplier about his price for steak, for example, we all know there are many different types of cuts of steak, different sizes, different means of preparation, and you could be given a litany of prices and not know where to go next. The more specific information you have, the better idea you’ll get of prices.

-Make sure that your menu with its recipes and desired items are finalized before making your list. It saves you the hassle of trying to figure it out later on down the line.

-Lastly, if you add or remove anything from the menu, update your master list so you can order the things you need and not be without something.

It should also be noted that similar list-making methods can be used for purchasing equipment, paper goods, smallwares, and whatever a restaurant needs. Remember that good management often leads to successful businesses, so if stay organized and you should do well.

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