The Different Types of Chefs

types of chefs

Most larger restaurants have different chefs for different stations. These highly specialized individuals oftentimes have years of education and experience under their belts. While some specialize in one method or food item, others choose to embrace the multitude of meats, desserts, fish, etc. to make themselves a well-rounded, ball of chef knighthood.

Here’s a look at the most common types of chefs you’re bound to find in larger, sometimes more high-end, restaurants…

Saute chef: responsible for all sauteed items and their respective sauce. This position is held in very high regard in the culinary world.

Fish chef: these chefs prepare fish dishes and commonly perform the fish butchering. At times this position is combined with the saute chef.

Roast chef: the roast chef is in charge of preparing roasted and braised meets, as well as the appropriate sauces.

Grill chef: this chef prepares all the grilled items. Sometimes this position is combined with the roast chef.

Fry chef: this chef is in charge of all the fried items, and sometimes it’s combined with the roast chef.

Vegetable chef: this chef takes care of hot appetizers and frequently prepares the soups, pasta dishes, starch-based dishes, and, of course, vegetables. In a fully-staffed kitchen, a separate chef will take care of the soups.

Roundsman: this member takes over positions as needed. For example, if the fry chef calls out sick, a roundsman will fill in.

Pantry chef: this person is responsible for preparing cold foods. This includes salads, cold appetizers, and more.

Butcher: this individual butchers meats, poultry, and sometimes fish items. At times they can also bread meats and fish.

Pastry chef: this often specialized individual is responsible for pastries, cakes, biscuits, chocolates, breads, and a myriad of desserts. Some specialize in cakes, cupcakes, etc. In larger locations, the pastry chef is commonly in charge of a team of pastry warriors.

Swedish Chef: popular character from the Muppets who’s responsible for talking nonsense and throwing fish.

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