JUST IN: Turbo Chef Ovens

Just arrived at the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment are a few economically sized and priced powerhouses of the hot line = Turbo Chef convection ovens. These bad boys cook 15 times faster than a normal convection oven and they do it evenly too – no hot or cold spots here! And they’re super simple to use. You know that old marketing expression “with just the touch of a button”? That applies here! Turbo Chefs are known for fast cooking without compromising quality.

Turbo Chefs are also very energy efficient and provide all kinds of restaurants with a versatile and cost effective hot food solution. Plus, no vent! Smoke and smells are filtered out within the Turbo Chef. No high installation costs either. Turbo Chefs are easy to move around, so any time you change your restaurant kitchen’s design, it won’t be difficult to switch around the Turbo Chef’s location!

Turbo Chef’s are utilized heavily in hotels, cruise ships, schools, and other high volume places. But they’d also be right at home in a restaurant, pub, bar and grille, and a bevy of other locations. These things can cook a pizza in two minutes, for Pete’s sake!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment offers several ways for someone to save on a used Turbo Chef oven. Apply for our financing program and you’ll save a ton while enhancing your personal and business credit. We’re the only used restaurant equipment dealer in the nation with its own in-house finance manager. This knight of the finance world can get you approved no matter what condition your credit is in. No one will be turned away! More information on our financing program can be found here: http://onefatfrog.com/financing.htm

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment also accepts quick cash deals towards used Turbo Chef ovens. Flash us your cash and make us an offer we can’t refuse! No reasonable cash offer for a Turbo Chef will be turned away.

Whether you pay by cash, credit, financing, pint of blood, etc., One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment will still offer you all of our complimentary services.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment offers free delivery to nearly the entire state of Florida! We deliver absolutely free to more places in the Sunshine State than any other dealer! Orlando, Sanford, Tallahassee, the Beaches Jacksonville, Ocala, Gainesville, Miami, Melbourne, Ft. Myers, Tampa, etc. Call for more details.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment also offers free custom paint jobs on any piece of used bakery equipment that can be painted, free custom cutting boards on all used prep tables, and free gas conversion from liquid propane to natural gas and vice-versa.

Head into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment and check out the lineup of used Turbo Chef ovens!

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