State of Florida Announces Updates to Food Codes

The Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association has announces updates to the Food Codes as well as improvements to the inspection process from the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. These new codes and processes are designed to make running a restaurant easier since they are easier to understand and comply with.

To start with, the labels for violation have been simplified to three stages: High Priority, Intermediate, and Basic. Each stage refers to certain violations that must be addressed refer to a variety of subjects including food preparation, risk of injury, record keeping, and other areas. This simplified system will make it easier for restaurant operators to understand the violations and fix them in the most efficient manner.

These codes not only affect restaurants, but hotels as well, as Florida sees approximately 86 million tourists visit the state. Places that provide lodging will see a three-tiered system replace the “critical” and “non-critical” designations as well.

The new codes will take effect on January 1, 2013, and that information can be found at There are field offices in each of the seven districts that Florida is divided into that operators may visit with specific questions and concerns as well.

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