Start Up: Target Segmentation

An essential part of developing your restaurant’s brand is figuring out “target segmentation.” This is a fancy talk for understanding who makes up your core group of customers so that you can better satisfy their needs as a business. If you can figure this out and understand the niches of people that will be frequenting your restaurant, then you can better create a successful menu, service, and design.

Here are some quick tips, courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, one how to determine your potential customers…

• Are you gong to cater to male clients or female clients? Or both? If both, are you focusing on couples or single folks?

• Does the concept of your restaurant make it suitable for families? Or are kids going to squirm at the sight of it?

• Are you targeting a religious segment or ethnic group of your community?

• Is your target customer a businessman? A riveter? Or both?

• Is your aim to appeal to locals or are you trying to draw in tourists?

Restaurants that try to be all things to all people eventually come up short for usually more than one target segmentation. A broad brand that offers a large selection of mediocre dishes can’t compete with niche player who draw heaps of loyal followers.

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