12/12/12…Make a Wish!

So it’d be hard to acknowledge the significance of today being December 12, 2012, or 12/12/12. In honor of this once-in-a-lifetime date, here are some fun facts about today:

-David’s Bridal estimates that about 7,500 women in the US are brides today. Congratulations!

-If you were asleep between 1 and 2 this morning (like a normal person), you missed a rare chance to see the date and time be a palindrome (a number that is the same both forward and backward). At 1:21:02 am, and you arrange the date as such: 2012-12-12 1:21:02, it is the same forward and backward.

-Chinese numerology holds the number 1 as a masculine yang number and the number 2 as a feminine yin number. When put together, it represents harmony between the yin and yang.

-Approximately 267 babies are born every minute. By that logic, there are several babies who will celebrate like Kiam Moriya from Birmingham, Alabama, who turned 12 at 12:12 today. Happy birthday!

-Today is exactly 6 years, 6 months, and 6 days after June 6, 2006. Creepy.

No matter what today means to you, enjoy this 12/12/12.

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