Running a Restaurant: Revamping the Menu


Restaurants, like all businesses, must learn to evolve with the changing times. From advertising to decor, there are new trends and ideas constantly finding their way into light, and a good restaurant knows how to work with those changes. Among those changes, the restaurant must know how to keep their menu evolving with other changes. This can be tricky because, just like most other businesses, there is a theme. A pizzeria may offer pasta, but its primary product is pizza. Revamping a menu is not about changing a theme; it just means making certain changes that can help revitalize the image of the restaurant. Here are some quick tips:

-Look at the numbers: if an item is not profitable, whether because it costs too much for the ingredients or does sell enough, cut it out. Find the more profitable items and push those. Or take those items that cost too much to make and find ways to make them without spending as much.

-Follow the trends: there are always trends moving in the restaurant business. Don’t ignore them. Find out what they are or what’s coming up and cater to those. Right now, there’s a big push for restaurants to include calorie counts on their menus, so think of ways to inject more health-conscious items on your menu.

-Redesign the menu: not just the food items being sold, but the actual physical menu that the customer looks at. You don’t have to make it flashier, just more appealing, making special areas for those profitable items that you know your customers love.

Remember that you’re in a business to serve customers. If what you’re doing isn’t serving them, then you need to take a second look at it.

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