Start Up: Developing Your Drink Menu

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When developing your drink menu, you should put the same creativity you used to make your food menu. Your drink menu should cater to your concept and your clientele. If your concept is a truly unique one, then your drink menu should be unique too. If you’re running a traditional family restaurant, then you should stick to traditional drinks.

Also, look to your competition. How can you stand out from the other locations on your block? Do you want to include all bases of beverages, from boutique gin to dollar store beer? In the beginning, don’t go overboard, especially with the alcoholic drinks. Start with a small drink menu and add to it later on. if you start with a lot and then reduce the menu, you’re bound to disappoint some customers.

To help you develop your drink menu, here’s a list, courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, of customer groups and how you should approach wetting their thirst…

KIDS: offer up some alternatives to juice and soda.
ATHLETES: offer some premium nutritional drinks.
PREGNANT WOMEN: most pregnant women are looking for something besides water to drink. Consider non-alcoholic beverages.
DESIGNATED DRIVERS: consider soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages. Many locations offer incentive programs in which designated drivers get to drink for free.
TEETOTALERS: many adults simply don’t drink. Consider offering high-priced alternatives to ice teal and soda. This will boost your profits and keep those who abstain happy.

Here’s a look, courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, at some drink categories that can help you expand your offerings:

COFFEE: this includes espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, iced coffee, and any other caffeinated variation.

HANDCRAFTED TRADITIONALISM: boost your profits with specialty lemonades and flavored ice teas.

SEASONAL SPECIALTIES: consider the seasons and think up some offerings like hot chocolate, mint ice teas, and more.

JUICE-BASED DELIGHTS: have a unique approach to juices. Consider organic juices and make your own.

NON-ALCOHOLIC: have a nice selection for designated drivers, pregnant women, and others who choose not to drink.

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