Pizza: New York vs. Chicago

Well, here we go: the 50th post that I’ve personally done on this blog for One Fat Frog. I’m stoked to learn new information and then pass it on, so today, I’m concentrating on one of my favorite foods: pizza. Now, there are two schools of thought for pizza: New York and Chicago. And in each school, there are key differences between the two, some you may notice, and others you may not.

-The Crust: New York pizza is all about thin and crispy, while Chicago prefers theirs thick, especially if you’re into deep dish.

-Foldability: This new term represents the ability in which a slice of pizza can be folded. New York pizza folds like a paper airplane, but Chicago folds like a steel girder. You might need a knife and fork even.

-Type of Dough: Chicago dough can be thick and chewy or very crumbly, depending whether it’s made with butter and oil. New York sticks to a basic flour, yeast, and oil mixture that gives it the signature taste.

-Oil: New York pizza has the oil sitting in a pool on each slice, while Chicago tries to distribute the oil inside the pizza.

-Crust to Cheese: New York has that famous thin crust with a layer of (preferred) mozzarella cheese, while Chicago prefers to double up on everything…which sounds like Chicago.

-Toppings: New York likes to keep the toppings scattered around the whole pizza in nice thin layers, and Chicago piles them on, especially if you’re getting a deep dish pizza that’s four inches thick.

-The Meal: New York’s thin slices make it ideal for city-goers that are on the go in the city. You can fold it up and take it with you, almost like a sandwich. In Chicago, eating a pizza is a sit-down affair. Let’s just say you’re not running around downtown with a pizza in your hand.

I’ve had both kinds of pizza, and yes, I love pizza. But I’m sorry, there’s no one who can convince me that there’s anything better than New York style. I love it and I could eat it every day. But with 50 blog posts down, who knows what 50 more will bring. For now, may your pizza crust be thin and your toppings evenly dispersed.

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