Start Up: Being Responsible About Alcohol

serving alcohol

If there’s going to be alcohol served at your restaurant, you have to be conscious of the various risks involved and take the proper precautions. When you acquire your liquor license, oftentimes you’ll be required to take a course on precautions and steps to minimize alcohol-related problems at your location. You can also ask the local liquor licensing authority for further tips and guidelines. Here are few quick tips, courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, that will help you keep your customers and employees safe…

• Keep the phone numbers of several local taxi services handy. You can also set up a program for designated drivers that provides them free non-alcoholic drinks throughout the night.

• In some areas, authorities require servers and bartenders to attend training on responsible alcohol service. But even if it’s not required in your community, it’s a good idea to encourage your staff to take these courses.

• Educate yourself and your staff on the safe zones of blood alcohol content.

• See if your insurance company has any recommendations on ways to lower you liability. One common recommendation made by these companies is to post highly visible signs reminding patrons about safe driving and dangers of binge drinking.

• Be proactive and vigilant about potential problems. For example, darts + alcohol does not mix well.

• If you see your location getting a little rowdy during some nights, you might want to consider hiring a bouncer or three. Be careful though and screen for bouncers well. Sometimes these huge guys can be the catalyst for situations, not the solution.

• Develop a consistent and reliable system for carding (checking IDs).

Overall, it’s about being proactive and SMART. Being irresponsible about the serving of alcohol at your location can lead to you losing your business or liquor license before you can blink.

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