Start Up: Manager Rundown

hiring restaurant managers

Finding the right managers for your restaurant location is critical because these folks set the tone for the rest of your employees. You’re really going to have to hire the best people for this position. Your managers control how smoothly the shift runs in your absence. Meaning, they control ultimately how much money your restaurant makes. Also, you’re going to be spending a lot of time with these folks, so be sure it’s someone you can get along with.

Having your managers get cross-trained is a wise idea. This way each manager knows how to run every area of the restaurant – from the bar to the back of house. This allows for more flexibility in case any emergencies or scheduling issues arise.

Courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, here’s a look at some of the typical management position to be filled in a restaurants…

GENERAL MANAGER: This is the bloke who has a firm grasp on all facets of the restaurant. Commonly, a restaurant owner serves as the general manager, but some owners choose to hire someone else to fill this role. Performing general manager duties yourself will save you a salary, but you’ll have to educate yourself on every aspect from coat check, hosting, to (gasp!) the cooking.

The general manager is responsible for staff’s knowledge and commitment. The best way they can do this is leading by example. A general manager must have a grasp on the financial aspects of the operation, including forecasts, budget objectives, and all those other dizzying numbers.

It’s key to remember that the general manager represents your restaurant in and out of the restaurant. Make sure it’s someone who’s responsible and an upstanding member o the community who isn’t going to humiliate your establishment.

ASSISTANT GENERAL MANAGER: This individual is the next in line to the general manager. The general manager delegates duties to the assistant. A good way to look at an assistant manager is that they should be training to be the next general manager.

The assistant manager needs to be someone who can back you up and who can handle being in charge while learning the ropes. Be sure to encourage cross-training in assistant managers.

CHEF: Depending on your concept and the technical aspects of your menu, you may or may not need a true professional chef. You can find chefs for specialized cuisines or one to run everything in the back of house.

A true professional chef is someone with a deep background in managing, training, teaching, and developing a cooking staff. It’s also someone who can develop a menu. efficiently run the kitchen, and demonstrate specific knowledge of service, wine, and spirits (and how they relate to your restaurant’s concept).

KITCHEN MANAGER: If you don’t need a rue professional chef for your concept and location, consider hiring a kitchen manager. This individual will be in charge of everything in the back of house, but has no input in the development of the menu or concept.

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