Restaurant Management: Providing Entertainment

Having good food is the main way that your restaurant is going to draw customers through the doors. Of course, customers don’t just pay for the food. They pay for the atmosphere and the ambiance as well. While there are many ways to create that atmosphere, one way is to provide some form of entertainment. Be cautious though. Be sure that whatever you include actually works for your business. Here are some quick tips:

-Live music: this could be a whole band or a single musician or even an open mic night. This one is possibly the most appealing, but there are warnings to consider. For one, you have to make sure that music provided fits your business. You wouldn’t have a rock band play at a coffee shop, for example. Also, be aware of the acoustics of your business. If your business has brick walls, for instance, this will cause sound to bounce all over and cause a lot of noise pollution that can eventually irritate guests. It can also be expensive, and potentially not worth the cost if you’re not getting anyone in the door with it.

-Jukeboxes: we’re not talking about your mother’s jukebox. Nowadays, the technology has come a long way with tens of thousands of songs at your fingertips. You can have it in the back where you as the business owner choose the music that fits the business, or have it out in the open where customers can put their money in the machine and make the choices. This is probably also the easiest to control as you can monitor the volume and make it work no matter the inside of your building.

-Special events: these can include karaoke, trivia, or similar events. Like with live music, be careful as the price can be steep for a good host with good equipment (they typically have their own, so you’re renting that as well as hiring a host). Again, appropriateness in the business is important and be mindful of how it sounds in the building.

No matter what you do, remember that the point of entertainment is to provide an atmosphere that your customers ultimately pay for. If they don’t come in, it’s not worth keeping.

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