Barbecue Styles


Most of us love the taste of ribs coming straight off the barbecue. You might even be like me, watching TV shows about the great barbecue restaurants across the country and almost ruining a good shirt because we can’t keep our mouths shut as we watch those ribs sear. Of course, if you’re looking to create your own barbecue restaurant, consider the types of styles in which barbecue is made around the country.

-Texas style: you want big beef ribs, Texas is all about that. Texas loves their barbecue with the sauces on the side, or “naked.” Those sauces are tomato-based and thinned out with vinegar and Worcestshire and are the least sweet of the flavors that can be achieved.

-Memphis style: the Tennessee town is all about pork ribs that are either mopped with sauces while being cooked or doused with dry rubs during or right after cooking. The flavors tend to be in the mind, sweet and spicy areas of taste. And you can’t beat that if that’s what you’re going for.

-Kansas City style: welcome to this style with Western beef and pork generously saturated with spices and rub right before being smoked for hours. Your anticipation will build up precipitously just waiting to get your hands these amazing meats.

-Carolina style: you want flavor? You want Carolina. This style is all about infusing all kinds of flavors in their sauces, from peppers, onion powder, whiskey, brown sugar, and letting the pork soak it all in. Even more exciting is that both North and South Carolina tend to have their own way of doing barbecue. So the variety can be even more observed.

One of the great things about barbecue is the fact that there’s something for everyone, so don’t hesitate to try it all. Somehow, something will work for you.

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