Running a Restaurant: Restaurant Terms

We all know the typical terms in a restaurant. We know who the cook and the servers are, and we know what a check is. But when you’re looking to run a restaurant, there’s a list of terms that are good to know before you open the business. Here a few less-than-known terms that you should know:

-Brigade System: this is the kitchen organization system that assigns each position a station with certain duties. You might sometimes here fancy TV chefs referring to the kitchen crew as a “brigade”, and now you know why.

-Call out: This is where the head chef reads an order aloud to those working under him. This lets the other cooks know what’s coming up and what needs to be done.

-Expedite: this is where the kitchen’s output is overseen. At times, a manager might jump in to make sure that the kitchen stays up on getting the meals out.

-Plate: this is not the obvious physical disc-shaped objects that food is put on; it’s a verb meaning to put the finished meal together before serving.

-Service: This is when meals are actually served. Typically, restaurants have a lunch service and a dinner service.

-Tournant: This is a relief chef who is typically experienced who does not have a specific assigned station. He or she is around in case the kitchen gets backed up and can jump in at any time.

This terms are lesser known, but still important to know for running a restaurant properly. Keep these in mind as you continue to run your business in an orderly manner.

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