Start Up: Opening and Closing Procedures

restaurant opening and closing procedures

Every restaurant needs an opening and closing checklist for employees (specifically for shift managers) to follow at the start and end of every day. The actions on these checklists are to ensure cleanliness, safety, and that everything is in top-notch shape for the start of the next shift. To help you put together your location’s opening and closing checklists, here are some suggested actions, courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment.


• Check temperatures on coolers, freezers, and any other refrigerated units to make sure they’re working properly and held temperature through the night.

• Be sure that clean rags, aprons, etc. are ready for your employees.

• Go over the previous shifts log entries concerning inventory, equipment, sales, etc.

• Do a sweep of every food storage area and be sure that all of the food is properly stored and nothing has gone bad. If anything has gone bad, throw it in the dumpster and make a note of it so the next time inventory is done, this hole in stock can be filled.

• Clean and sanitize any prep surfaces before food prep begins. Even if it was cleaned and sanitized the night before, do it again.

• Put out sanitizer buckets and rags for employees.

• Do a sweep of the dishwashing area and make sure the station has all of the chemicals, racks, etc. that it needs.

• Do a sweep of all ice bins and water wells to ensure cleanliness. Fill all ice bins with fresh ice.

• Break out the fresh, clean, and sanitized pans. You don’t want to use the pans food has been stored in overnight. Reusing the same pans several days in a row makes them a hive for bacteria.

• Do a sweep of the bathrooms and make sure they’re cleaned and stocked.

• Line all the trash cans and make sure the previous night’s trash was properly disposed of.


• Make sure all doors are closed and locked.

• Make sure all the coolers and freezers are properly closed and sealed.

• Make sure all the food is labeled and stored properly.

• Do a sweep of the food storage areas to ensure everything is closed and stored properly.

• Make sure the dishwashing machine is emptied and that the area has been cleaned and sanitized properly.

• Check that ll trash has been properly disposed of.

• And don’t let any employees leave without checking with the manager on duty.

• And do a sweep of the bathrooms to make sure no customers are locked in. Because you never know…

The closing manager should take note of any problems with equipment, sales, staff, etc. so that the upcoming shift manager is fully informed and prepared for any issues. The closing shift is all about cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and making sure everything is set for the opening shift to run smoothly.

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