Start Up: Creating a Restaurant Cleaning Schedule

restaurant cleaning checklist

Maintaining a strict cleaning schedule is essential at any restaurant. Letting your employees slide on cleaning detail leads to a filthy restaurant that gets more difficult to clean as time goes by. This is especially true where uncovered food is concerned. Food left out is the first step to contamination, infestation, and heaps of lawsuits.

Do a sweep of your restaurant, take notes on everything that needs to be cleaned, and then assign each of these items to a cleaning schedule. Divide the cleaning duties and assign them to your employees. The cleaning assignments and schedule should reflect the kind of restaurant you have.

Some cleaning assignments need to be done several times a day, while others need to be done once a day or once a week. Sometimes once a month even.

Here’s a look at some common cleaning duties, courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment:


• Change the water in the dish machine.
• Clean the grill between cooking vegetables, meats, and seafood.
• Sweep the kitchen, including every station, line, and area. Don’t forget underneath and behind equipment!
• Change out the sanitizer water.
• Break down and boxes and take them to the dumpster/recycling area. Take out the trash while you’re at it.
• Change out the ice wells.


• Sweep the walk-in and the dish area.
• Mop the entire kitchen.
• Clean the fryer and filter the fryer oil.
• Wash the range grates.
• Change sanitizer solution and wash the sanitizer buckets.
• Clean and sanitize every surface in sight. This goes for reach-ins, prep tables, etc.
• Hose down the mats. These can get nasty quick.
• Wipe down walls, surfaces, hood vents, and anything else in the hot line.
• Empty the steam table and sanitize the trays before filling them with fresh water.
• Clean the employee bathroom and locker area.


• Empty the equipment and grease traps.
• Switch out the foil linings on catch pans of grills, ranges, and flat griddles.
• Clean and sanitize all the can openers.
• Clean the soft-serve machine.
• Remove all the hood filters and give them a go through the dishwasher. If they don’t fit, do them by hand.

It’s wise to restrict any of the time-consuming cleaning tasks to Monday through Thursday, because restaurants are commonly too busy on the weekend and your employees won’t have the extra time.

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