Benefits of a Combi-Oven

Blodgett Convection Oven

One of the highlights of the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment warehouse is our selection of used combi-ovens. We’re getting more in all of the time from brands like Imperial, Blodgett, and the mighty Rational. In fact, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is a Rational-authorized liquidator of used Rational ovens – so you know you’re buying quality when you buy from One Fat Frog.

Take a look at your menu and consider whether a combi-ovn would benefit your location. If you’ve got a variety of vegetables, seafood, and roasted meats, then YES you should get a combi-oven.

Combi-ovens got their name from the fact that they can perform a combination of cooking methods: pressureless steam convected heat, and a combination of both. Also, if a combi-oven is set to a low temperature, they can be used in place of proofers, holding cabinets, and slow cookers.

There are several benefits of using a combi-oven. Although they’re commonly more expensive than a stand-alone steamer or convection oven, they’re still less expensive than purchasing both of these items. Since they can perform both steaming and convection cooking, they also save space in your kitchen.

When a combi-oven is being used for steam cooking, it can produce highly nutritious items such as vegetables and seafood. While in convection mode, it can put out pizzas, cookies, cakes, and other pastry-related dishes – making a combi-oven a perfect addition/lifesaver a bakery.

Combi-ovens can also produce roasted meals like high-quality meats. The dry heat within the oven’s chamber does most of the roasting, and the moisture from the steam prevents the meat from drying out.

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All of the used combi-ovens sold at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment come with a 30 day parts and labor warranty. The used Rational ovens come with a warranty from the good folks at Rational.

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