Tips for Working with Fryers

Let’s start off by pointing out the incredibly obvious fact that fried food is amazing. The list of foods that can be put in a fryer is unlimited. However, if your primary focus is fried food, there are important things you must remember about dealing with fryers.

For one, the oil in the fryers loses some of its temperature each time you put something into it. When the temperature drops, it can take time to work its way back up. Having a long wait for the oil to build back up can back up your ticket times, so take these steps to keep your kitchen from slowing down.

If your primary menu is based around fried food, the obvious thing to do would be have multiple fryers or a fryer with several separate wells. When you dip on basket in, you’ve got several others that have nice, hot oil. When you just serve from one fryer, let it sit until it gets the temperature back and use a different fryer. Keeps the kitchen moving and anyone from waiting.

Also, having more diversity in your menu will take stress off the fryer and offer more options to your customers. Something that can be cooked on a range or on a griddle or some other unit that doesn’t take up as much space in the kitchen but can allow you to do more.

Fried food is great, but fryers can be fickle. Make sure you’re prepared for situations when the line for fried is around the block.

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