You Fried What?!

If fried food ever enters your mind, chances are you think fried chicken, french fries, maybe calamari, but there are people across the country who have found crazy things to drop in a fryer. And, believe it or not, they often end up delicious. Here’s a quick list of crazy ideas of what to drop in a fryer.

-Turkey (if you’ve never had a deep fried turkey, you are so missing out)
-Mars Bar (you think you can’t put candy in a fryer, think again)
-Twinkies (better get to this one soon before it’s too late)
-Spam (out of the can, into the fryer)
-Bacon (who didn’t see that one coming?)
-Spaghetti and Meatballs (Italian with a Southern twist)
-Oreo cookies (double stuffed and fried)
-Peanut butter sandwiches (taking a kids’ favorite and making it new)
-Rat meat (it worked on ‘Survivor’…kind of)
-Bubble Gum (how big of a fried bubble can you blow?)

Of course, these are just some wacky and wild ideas. Of course, if you call us or stop by and get a fryer, you can try your own crazy ideas. So what are you waiting for?

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