Opening a Bar: Choosing a Theme

Just about anywhere you go, you can probably find a place to stop in, step up to a bar, and order a nice cold drink. Well, the concept of putting together a bar is always an appealing one, especially when you’re hanging out with your buddies late at night and having a couple of beers. But the theme of the bar connects to your clientele, and the wrong kind of theme can lead to a very unsuccessful bar.

The first thing you need to think about is what your community needs and will connect with. If you’re in a business district of a Maryland city, a pirate bar is an awful choice. Sure, it sounds like fun, but the whole swash-buckling thing may not work for the high-class business folks who work in the high-rise buildings.

Of the themes to choose from, make sure that you’re actually making your theme connect. For example, putting TV’s on the wall doesn’t make your place a sports bar. Sports bars connect with sports fans by giving them a game-day experience without buying a ticket to the stadium. That means that you’re not just getting a sweet sports package, but you’re making each game night an event.

Once you’ve settled on a bar theme, your products and environment need to properly reflect that. If you’ve got an Irish pub, serving margaritas (while tasty) don’t fit the theme. Buy drinks and food (if you have a kitchen) that reflect the theme and, as stated before, connect that theme to your clients and they will have a blast.

Of course, also make sure your equipment is up to par, so if you need bottle coolers, kegerators, or any other bar or kitchen equipment needed, make sure you give us a call. We’ve got lots of stuff to help your bar and we’ve got financing plans available as well. Go check them out at

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