Thanksgiving’s Gone…What about the Leftovers?

It’s a classic tale, really. You have your whole family over for Thanksgiving dinner, and you’ve got tons of leftovers. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, the list is endless. So you do the smart thing, such as done in my house: you divide up the leftovers, pack them in plastic bags and Tupperware containers, and send the off. Of course, there are different ways to work with those leftovers.

For one, just toss them on plates and put them in the microwave. Who says you can’t eat the meal just the way it is? That’s how you ate it the first time! Keep it simple and avoiding overthinking it. I mean, they’re leftovers.

You can also make the food into a sandwich. While the turkey’s heating up in the microwave, take out some bread. Use whatever kind of bread you want, whether it be classic sliced white bread or a baguette you splurged on at the grocery store. It’s a nice way to revitalize your leftovers in a fun, different way. And don’t think you can only do that with turkey. You’ve never had a mashed potato sandwich? Amazing.

Of course, if you really want to be creative, do what my dear ol’ dad does, and make a turkey soup. Take some leftover turkey meat, through it in a big pot with carrots and make your own broth. This is one of the highlights for my family is getting our hands on containers of my dad’s turkey soup. If I could adequately describe it, I would.

The bottom line here is that leftovers are almost always boring; it’s like a rerun of your favorite TV show. You can look at it as, “Not this stuff again!” Or you can take it as a new way to look at an old idea. Be creative and have some fun with it!

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