Texas De Brazil: An Experience All Its Own

For those who are looking for a totally different restaurant experience, it’s hard to not go for Texas De Brazil. For those who have yet to see what is available at one of these fine establishments, allow me to walk you through:

-You will sit at your table and be given the option to get your salad. They have a variety of options available as far as the salads you can create. Plus, top it with anything you can imagine as well as pick your favorite dressing options.

-After you’ve had your salad, you are ready for your main courses (yes, I said ‘courses’). You have a small card on your table with a green side and a red side. Your server will tell you to which color needs to be seen. After that, prepare to be amazed.

-Texas De Brazil serves its meats in the traditional Brazilian rodizio style. Servers come around to your table with meats of various types and cooked in a variety of ways. They slice you off a piece and go on their way. Each piece, however, is amazingly and brilliantly cooked, and when you taste your favorite, you can’t wait till that server comes back to your table.

-Texas De Brazil has a fixed menu, which means you just take what’s brought to you. This makes it easy as far as figuring out how much you’ll pay, but keep in mind that this style is not cheap. It’ll cost you about 50 bucks per person, but it is well worth it. The other downside is they don’t do to-go bags, but you’ll be so full that you’d forget it anyway.

While they are located in several states and a couple of Caribbean islands, the locations are fairly spread out. If you get a chance to enjoy a meal there, you should absolutely take it.

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