Starting a Restaurant: Getting The Cash

Let’s face facts: starting a restaurant is not cheap. It’s rewarding, and can eventually be financially as well, but you do need the capital to start it off right. There are several ways that one can get the cash they need to start a restaurant, and it’s important to know that some are better than others. Here’s a list of a few ideas:

1. Getting a loan: Banks want to help you start a business, so put together a meeting with your bank and see what kind of options that are available. Chances are they can also offer you the best options, especially if there are good rates available.

2. Credit Cards: There are many business card options available for the first-time business owner, but it’s not recommended to use a credit card or any loan programs associated with them for the purchase of the property and the brand. Credit cards are good, however, for buying the equipment and small wares you need, but even then be cautious.

3. Borrowing from friends and family: This is risky in several ways. For one, your family and friends matter more than just the cash, and you hate to disappoint. Plus, doing business with family and friends can always lead to problems if you’re not careful. Tread softly on this one.

4. Dipping into your money: Say you’ve got life savings or some extra capital from your lottery winnings, this may sound like a great place to get the money. It’s convenient, it’s right there, and you know how much you have. This is, however, the RISKIEST move to make. If your business goes under, you could lose everything. So, be very, very thoughtful about this.

These are the most common ways to getting the money you need to start the restaurant of your dreams. No matter the route you take, make sure you have a solid business plan in place before trying to get the money because if the business plan is flimsy, so are your chances of success.

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