A Man Does Good in This World

A man does good in this world

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment values giving back to the community.  We think of ourselves first and foremost as a community minded organization whose responsibility is to partake and give as much as possible to the community.  It’s an important day when a company gives back to the community it’s part of.  We’d like to give a shout out today to our friends at Budget who today were telling us how they renovated their church several times.  What a great thing!

Sing praise loudly when folks are doing good.  The world needs more of this.

Just ran across the link attached on Forbes about people who are doing a lot of good.  These entrepreneurs have pledged more than half of their earnings to charity.  There’s a good feeling knowing enough is enough and that they can have an impact in the world.

When folks as us why the Frog is successful, we turn it back on our customers, YOU make us successful and we keep our customers and communities in the forefront of all of our day.  Thanks to your support One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is able to help our community in many ways, here’s a sample of donations we have made in the past month:

  1. tiling kitchen floor of Pathways Homeless Shelter Drop in Center
  2. coffee pot and brewer to small Baptist Church between Orlando and Tampa
  3. donation of equipment to Golden Corral’s “Helpings from the Heart” Thanksgiving Dinner

Things we have done in the past:

1- kitchen renovation of Pathways

2- food donations to Pathways

3- Sponsored motorcycle runs

4- Donated Equipment to “Helpings from the Heart” feeding thousands of homeless in the past at Thanksgiving

5- In-kind Donation of equipment and merchandise to Baptist, Catholic, Muslim and Buddhist religious organizations- We believe in God and that’s the bottom line

6- donation of equipment repair to Homeless shelter

7- moving a handicapped man to a new home

8- helping a member of law enforcement move

9- donation of coffee equipment and monies to The Center sponsoring GLBT in Central Florida

Here’s the thing, why do we talk about this so loudly?  It’s important to be part of the community and to remind others to be part of their community.  If we all do a little about what we believe in then we will make it <insert emoticons> a better world.

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