Hot Smoking vs. Cold Smoking

We here at One Fat Frog have a variety of products, as you well know. Among the equipment we often deal with, we include smokers in the mix. Of course, little known to this relative genius among the Frog Family, there are actually different ways to smoke your meats: hot smoking and cold smoking. Both methods are how meat is cured after being butchered, but both have their own benefits.

Hot smoking is the process of smoking the meat in some kind of chamber that encloses the meat with either burning woods or hot coals. Using aromatic woods, such as cedar, imparts its own scent upon the meat, thus giving it a different flavor. Hot smoking also cures the meat so that it can be stored in different ways, allowing for a longer shelf life. It’s also common to marinate meats before cooking to add even more flavor to the meat.

Cold smoking also uses smoke (as the name implies), but the space where the meat rests is not the same as where the smoke source is. The temperature of the source is also much lower, typically just above room temperature. This process is also much longer, taking days and sometimes even weeks to smoke the meat. Since cold smoking doesn’t cure meat, preservation is usually done through salting the meat, which occurs before the meat is put in the smoker.

Of course, deciding which method works best is up to you, but here’s a closing point: while cold smoking leads to different flavors, it also leaves the meat vulnerable to contamination. Generally, cold smoking is still safe, but make sure you’re keeping a close eye on your product. As far as the smokers we have, give us a call and see how it can better help your business. We’d love to talk barbecue with you!

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