Start Up: Laying Out the Kitchen

Whether you laying out the kitchen in your brand spanking new restaurant or upgrading your existing one, the layout has to make sense…it has to FLOW. To imagine your flow, run through in your mind from when the order is placed from when the dishes are delivered to the patrons. Employees form both the front and back of house need to be able to move through the kitchen without disturbing any station, getting wet, or running into equipment.

If your kitchen is laid out properly, the back of house staff will have to take as little steps as possible to perform their duties. Here’s a few tips to keep in mind when laying out your restaurant’s kitchen, courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment…

• Place your storage area as close to the back delivery door as possible. This saves time and energy on delivery days. I worked at a large pizza chain many moons ago and from the delivery door to the walk-in was literally two steps.

• Look at your forecasted menu and note which stations are going to be getting the heaviest and lightest loads. Make sure the busiest stations have plenty of reach-in space, counter space, and room to move. These busy stations shouldn’t have to share reach-in coolers and counter space with lighter stations.

• Reach-in coolers should be laced close to their specific stations to keep food products at a safe temperature until use. It’s also wise to isolate reach-ins from the hot line and all of its heat. Consider undercounter coolers and freezers in your hot line to save space.

• The prep area should be adjacent or close enough to the line so employees can restock quickly. Prep areas should be located where food flows to prep tables and then to the line. Prep areas should have adjacent trash can for items like cans, cartons, boxes, etc.

• Be sure your prep crew can easily get dirty prep dishes like pans, cutting boards, etc.  to the dish area without any hindrance.

• Also make sure the wait and bus staff can get dirty dishes to the dishwashers without getting in anyone’s way.

• The line to the ice machine should be clear for the wait and bar staff to get ice and refill ice wells during busy periods.

• Remember, MATS! Your staff can have the most high-tech sticky soled shoes in the world, but a slippery surface is still going to take them out. Place floor mats around every appropriately area. When in doubt, mat it.

If you need a little help laying out you kitchen, the knowledgeable staff at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment would love to help. We can sit down with you and discuss what you hope to accomplish in your restaurant and how to best achieve that through your restaurant kitchen’s layout. We can also help you pick out the prefect restaurant equipment for your location to ensure it flawlessly flows.

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