The Science of Sandwich Shop Prep Tables

When I’m done here at One Fat Frog, there’s a good chance that you’ll find me heading out to a sub shop to get a quick sandwich. I even have my order down to a science: the first thing I look for is ham because there is really nothing better than ham in my book. After that, they need provolone cheese as provolone cheese is the best cheese. After that, I need mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, and black olives. If I’m feeling extra special, I’ll get pickles. But like the science of my order, sub shops have a science for using their refrigerated prep tables.

For most restaurants, the prep tables are in the back, and they’re mainly used for salads. Sandwich and sub shops, however, have the prep tables front and center. Because of that, they need to have more functions than just making sandwiches on it. These shops make sure they have refrigerated prep tables with refrigeration units underneath. This is where they keep containers of extra ingredients like the vegetables. The refrigeration also runs underneath the containers sitting on top to keep the ingredients within the proper serving temperature.

Once the prep tables are stocked, the customer can then watch as his or her sandwich is being made right before their eyes. And while most migt assume that all sub shops operate the same way, how these prep tables are used at the sandwich-building stage actually depends on the shop itself. Typically, sub shops have two prep tables and those again are used differently. At Subway, for example, the prep tables are next to each other with one prep table being used for all of the meats and cheeses and the other is used for condiments and extras. The sandwich starts at one end with the selection of the bread and the cheese, and then extras are added per order.

A sub shop like Jimmy John’s, on the other hand, operates much differently. There, the focus is not just on quality sandwiches, but also on speed, so they have less ingredients to choose from, but you’ll get the sub much faster. The prep tables at Jimmy John’s are set up as mirrors, usually on either side of the registers. They also have a more solidified menu. This means if you go to Jimmy John’s and ask for a #4 and say nothing else, the sandwich will be made according to the way it’s described on the menu. You can of course add or remove any of the available ingredients, but that needs to be said up front.

Both offer great subs, and both use high quality ingredients, but they use the prep tables differently to accommodate customers for their individual styles. If you’re in the market for a refrigerated prep table for your budding sub shop, One Fat Frog has several of them and we can hook it up with financing options that you can check out here: Plus we include custom cutting boards free, so you can get a quality prep table with cutting boards. Then you just need the ham and provolone…and when you get that, I’ll be there.

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