Equipment for a Sub Shop

It’s quite difficult to ignore the popularity of the sub shop. For one, a sub is virtually a complete meal that includes the meat, vegetables, and grains that make up a large part of your proper daily food intake. And it can be done in one stop. If you’re looking to capitalize on this thriving business, the equipment you need is going to be important to stop.

1. Walk-in refrigerator and freezer: You’re going to have a lot of products that need to be kept, so having smaller refirgeration and freezing units is out. You need these for your bread (particularly if it’s frozen), vegetables, meats, and condiments.

2. Oven: if you’re planning on baking your own bread, you’ll need a good sized oven that can bake multiple loaves of bread at once. Of course, you’ll also need accompanying trays. Also, it is recommended to have a proofer that humidifies the bread. This helps the bread pre-rise and it bakes faster and comes out fluffier.

3. Refrigerated Prep tables: prep tables are great as they can hold all of your ingredients in a cooled unit and are easily accessible while serving customers. Refrigerated units underneath also hold extra ingredients for when items on top are running short. Also need have cutting boards on top. Sub shops typically have two prep tables, depending on how much room needed for ingredients.

4. Deli Slicer: a good deli slicer will not only slice your meats, but also shred your lettuce, and who knows what other crazy things you find you can do with it.

5. Panini Presses or Microwave: this depends on whether you choose to serve your subs hot or not. If you do, these are vital. If not, then…they’re not.

6. Baker’s racks: these hold trays of bread in a nice little space and they look real pretty.

Aside from all the smallwares and more specific parts of each of these, this is where you’ll need to start. If you’re looking for any of these, call us up here at One Fat Frog and we’ll see what we have to help you get started.

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