Start Up: New Hire Forms

Once you’ve hired your staff, there’s a myriad of paperwork, government forms, files, etc. that need to be filled out, copied, and filed. Don’t worry about drowning in these forms though, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is here to help you through the maze.

EMPLOYEE MANUAL: If you have an employee manual (and you should) pass it out to the new employees and have them sign for it. Signing for it means that they can’t argue that they never received the manual, therefore they don’t know protocol, therefore they don’t have to wear pants at work. You don’t want that.

I-9: An I-9 form documents eligibility to work in the U.S. Whether the employee is a U.S. citizen or an alien, it’s a required document.

W-4: This government form allows employees to declare their number of withholding allowance to take from their paychecks each period.

ATTENDANCE CALENDAR: This will allow you to easily document any attendance discrepancies, keep track of vacation days, etc.

EMERGENCY CONTACT CARD: Keep these handy in case the unexpected happens in your location and you need to contact an employee’s family or a close friend.

You should keep a folder for each employee. Inside this folder you should keep all of the above forms, along with their initial application, resume, copy of their driver’s license or the equivalent. In case you’re ever audited by the government (knock on wood) you’ll be happy you’ve been organized all along.

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