Start Up: Developing a Bar Cleaning Strategy

Patrons commonly don’t get to see your location’s kitchen. That’s kept behind closed doors, so if there’s a mess or it isn’t being cleaned regularly, they’ll never know. One place you can’t hide you dirty laundry is behind the bar.

At the bar, your patrons are right up front, getting intimate with your sinks, counters, cabinets, coolers, etc. If there’s any sign of mildew, sticky counters, unkempt bottles, etc., how long do you think they’ll stay? And do you think they’ll be coming back?

Creating and implementing a cleaning/sanitation system for your bar staff is essential. Besides the up-close customer view of the bar, that area is subject to health inspections just like any other area of your location. Here are a few bar cleaning and sanitation strategies to keep in mind, courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment…

• Bartenders should be constantly washing their hands. They should never mix drinks and then touch the ice scoop without washing their hands first. They should never touch their face and then mix a drink (nose-scratching, etc.).

• No eating behind the bar!

• If a bartender is handling a dirty glass, they should never, ever touch the inside of the glass. It may seem efficient to shove our fingers in four glasses at once, clamp down, and bring them to the sink, but it’s also super gross.

• Develop a rotation system for garnishes and mixes like lime wedges. This goes along with the old FIFO (first in, first out) methodology. Sometimes FIFO at the bar is overlooked because it’s stressed so hard in the kitchen, managers may forget about the perishables at the bar.

• Keep a deep supply of clean towels, bar rags, and sponges in reaching distance of your bartenders and bar staff.

• And, as with any strategy, be sure your staff is aware of cleaning tactics and systems. Beat them over the head with it if you have to.

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