Start Up: Putting Together Your Wait Station

Ever been in a restaurant and it takes the server forever and a day to bring you extra napkins or a straw? Or maybe you ask for a water refill and by the time it comes you’ve grown an impressive beard? Sounds like the restaurant needs a more efficient wait station for the front of house (FOH) staff. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is here to help.

The FOH staff are the people make and pour non-alcoholic drinks, restock the dining tables, and perform any other relevant backup. The wait station contains everything the FOH staff needs to do their job. Here’s a brief checklist of items and sub-stations you should keep in mind for a dynamic, fully functional wait station:

• Extra linens such as napkins, tablecloths, bar towels, etc.
• Clean silverware, plates, and glassware.
• Oil and vinegar cruets, HOT SAUCE, pepper mills, and other floating condiments.
• Carryout containers and doggy bags.
• Sanitizer bucket to take care of any spills.
• Bread baskets.
• Tea bags, lemons, ice, spoons.
• Iced tea machine.
• Soda station with straws.
• Coffee station complete with machine, pots, warmers, filters, etc.
• A small reach-in cooler for milk, cream, half-and-half, butter, etc.

All of the above depends on the size and layout of your restaurant. If you have a very large dining area, for example, you may need more than one wait station – smaller ones called “Satellite” stations. Satellites should contain a few essentials, but no iced tea, coffee, or reach-in cooler. Mobile wait stations are also an option. Think about the carts they use on airplanes, only larger.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment currently has in stock a custom made Randell 90″ wait station. This thing is a beast and would be the perfect wait station for larger restaurants. Come into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment to see it for yourself.

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