All About the Combi Oven

One of the perks of working for One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is learning about all these cool appliances that I would never have thought of in my life. Sure, I can pick out major appliances in my own kitchen, like the big box-type thing in the corner that keeps my sodas cold. But we’re talking commercial equipment, and right now, we have several combi ovens available just for you. This brought me to a question: what is a combi oven?

A combi oven, or combination oven if you will, serves as a combination between a convection oven and steamer. The key factor of the combi oven is its versatility, making one very useful for high-volume situations like big restaurants and hotels. Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to serve 200 people a night to use one in your kitchen. It’s also pretty cool since the technology is still relatively new, only being introduced less than 20 years ago. That’s something else that makes the combi oven unique: the fact that its range of uses is still being figured out, so it’s great for the experimental chef.

Combi ovens have three basic settings. In the ‘convection’ setting, it operates much like a convection oven, moving dry heat around the oven, which is optimal for making breads and pastries. The ‘steam’ setting adds water into the oven and causes steam, which is great for poaching fish and cooking rice and vegetables. But what makes the combi oven is the appropriately-titled ‘combination cooking’ setting.

With this setting, the steam moves around the oven like heat does in a convection oven, and this allows the chef to set the level of moisture that affects the food inside. Think of this way: if you’re standing outside in 90-degree weather with high humidity, you feel hotter than it is because the humidity moves heat faster than if it were dry outside. This same idea is applied to the combination setting because high heat and high moisture keeps food from drying out or burning, and this level can be controlled and set precisely by the chef.

A combi oven can offer up many benefits to the kitchen along with its versatility. For one, it reduces shrinkage (new term I learned here; this refers to how meat shrinks as it’s cooked), so you can yield more product. It can also allow you to save time and labor while delivering consistent cooking results and remaining energy efficient. Plus the design of these combi ovens can reduce flavor transfer when multiple items are being cooked at once, so go ahead and through that fish and steak in the same oven. And as mentioned above, the full potential of this appliance is still being realized, so it gives you, the chef, the ability to experiment, try new things, and come up with something different!

Of course, you don’t just have several combi ovens to choose from in the One Fat Frog warehouse. You also get all the other great perks, including financing for your new toy. We also clean and test everything before sending it your way, and there’s always the 30 day parts and labor warranty on used equipment that you may be able to get. All of the financing information you need is right here, plus an application:

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