Your Cash Means Your Deal

There are a lot of ways that you can make a good deal for yourself here at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment.  You can finance your equipment over a period of time so you can work it down.  You can lease it to own.  You can bribe the salespeople with candy or six packs of beer.  But really, the best way to make yourself the best deal possible is to use that four-letter word: C-A-S-H.

So let’s talk through a probable situation: you’re in the market for a single-stack convection oven.  You give us a call.  We’ve got one, and it’s pretty.  You ask the price for it, and we say, “$1400, bro.” (We might not call you bro.)  You come down to the warehouse, see the convection oven, and it is indeed pretty, and you say, “Let’s make a deal.”  You then give us a reasonable offer and flash the cash.  If we like the deal, we take it.  Simple as that.

The truth is that working with cash is the best way to get a bargain.  The reason is obvious: the cash is there; we see it, smell it, and can feel it crinkle between our fingers (after you give it to us, of course).  This goes back to the good ole days of doing business the way it was meant to be done.  Two people have something that the other wants.  They tussle in a metaphorical battle to see who, at the end of the day, will emerge victorious.  The truth is, though, they both win because each gets what they want; the sales guy gets the payment for the equipment, and the customer gets exactly the piece he was looking for.

Of the many attributes that make One Fat Frog awesome, one of them is the fact that you are free to stop by, say hi to the receptionist, say what you’re looking for, and we’ll take you around the warehouse.  If you see something that makes you excited, and you know you must have, you can see what you can get it for.  The bottom line is we want you to get what you want.  If you can make an offer we like, then we’ll work it out.  Plus you still get all the perks: the 30 day parts and labor warranty, the free custom paint jobs, the free gas conversion, the whole shebang.

So come on by.  We’ll treat you well.  And I’ll be honest…we may treat you really well if you bring beer.

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