Start Up: Bakery Beginnings

As with any other eatery endeavor, there are a seemingly endless amount of things to keep in mind when starting up a bakery. Rent, location, specialties, menu, minimizing waster, etc. – all of these elements factor into the success or demise of a bakery. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is providing these essential tips for those dipping their toes into the bakery business for the first time…

• Experts suggest that your initial funding should allow you to run the business for at least two years. These funds should include payroll, supplies, rent, and other expenses. Minimize your expenses as much as you can in the beginning. Try approaching community banks before national branches. These smaller community banks will commonly be more interested in loaning to local businesses than national banks.

• While researching the location for your bakery, keep in mind that experts believe that the ideal spot for one is an area that’s home to 1,000 to 2,000 families. Also take into consideration the local rent, lease terms, and if the area meets your target market.

• In the wonderful world of bakeries, samples are essential. Always have samples on hand and be prepared to take criticism and other bits of helpful feedback. You can provide samples at community events, cooking demonstrations, and any other events that are welcome to you handing out the fruits of your labor. Think community!

• Another key component of marketing besides samples is your brands image. Create a website that reflects your bakery’s brand and be sure to utilize social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to draw in your target audience.

• You have to stand out from other bakeries, so find your niche and find it quick. You could offer all natural, nut free, egg free, gluten free, Kosher, vegan or vegetarian, or any such variation. And be sure to notify your demographic of these options via marketing.

• The trick to hiring employees is minimizing labor expenses and maximizing results. Be open to suggestions from your employees and ask for their input frequently.

• We’ve written previously on the blog about forecasting expenses and minimizing waste. Easy ways to do these are to seek out cheaper suppliers and ordering food in smaller quantities.

An expense One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment can help you out with is the bakery equipment. Our selection of used and affordable bakery equipment is always changing. We’ve got an ever-changing stock of used convection ovens (a bakery’s best friend), bakery racks, display cases, warmers, commercial coolers and freezers, dough mixers, stainless steel tables, proofers, and more!

Through the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment financing plan, countless startup and established bakeries have acquired the bakery equipment they need without breaking budget! No matter what shape your credit is in, One Fat Frog can get you approved. All it takes is a one-page application and a few minutes of your time. Our in-house finance manager works with all kinds of credit. No documentation or references needed! Read up more on our simple and painless financing plan here:

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment also welcomes cash deals towards the whole stock of used bakery equipment. Make us a cash offer we can’t refuse and we’ll shave a ton off of the already low prices.

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