Throw Some Flair Into Your Bartenders!

A short while ago, we at One Fat Frog listed some of the reasons to consider giving a quality experience to your customers who visit your bars. Among endorsing drinking for quality as opposed to quantity, you want your patrons to have a good time, and we did mention finding something that separates you from other bars. And if you want to really encourage some fun for those coming in and some competition for your bartenders, perhaps you could suggest this: flair bartending.

Flair bartending is the practice in which bartenders do elaborate tricks like juggling before preparing the drink. Along with it looking cool, there are even competitions that take place where the best of the best show off their mad flair skills. Best of all, tricks are relatively easy to learn. They just take practice. You may not want them to use your bottles though, at least not until they’ve figured it out.

Could you imagine having one of your bartenders finding him or herself in Las Vegas performing in the premier flair bartending competitions? And if you don’t believe me as far as it looking cool, check out the video:

(This guy is from the Ukraine, but you can do it too!)

Now, we know you’re may not start off doing something this elaborate, but hey, it’s something to shoot for.

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