Start Up: Reducing the Waste in Your Restaurant

One expense at your restaurant that can sneak up on ya is waste. I’m not just talking about the trash brought out to the dumpster everyday. Waste also refers to labor, perishable items, utilities, and a myriad of other things that can add up quick. It’s worth the time to analyze and identify your location’s waste areas, for sure, and One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is here to help.

Of course, the simplest way to eradicate waste at your location is just to be vigilant about it. As an owner or manager, your presence alone will cause employees not to waste, steal, or goof off. It’s also important to motivate your employees and make them aware of waste areas.

Be sure to keep your utilities in check. This is an easy way to reduce waste. Always securely close cooler and freezer doors. Turn off lights in walk-ins and storerooms. And hey, not only will these actions reduce your waste, you’ll also be helping out the environment. Feels good, bro.

Always keep tabs on office supplies. This adds up quick! Office supplies – including pens, sticky pads, and paper – are some of the easiest items to steal. Most managers don’t keep track of them and wind up losing hundreds of dollars a year in basic office supplies! Keep tabs!

Linen rationing is also a great way to reduce waste. This goes for aprons and towels for your employees. An easy way to do this is clean up spills on the ground with dirty towels, not clean ones. After the spill is cleaned up, wipe and sanitize the floor. See, you’ve just saved yourself from another dirty towel.

Another waste area to keep a hawk-like watch on is food portioning. Randomly test your employees by weighing their portions and record who is going over. Explain to that employee the importance of rationing! And it’s important to instill in your employees that food spoilage is unacceptable!

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