Start Up: Creating a Food Truck Cleaning Checklist

Just like cleaning a brick and mortar restaurant, there is a science and art to cleaning your food truck. Some cleaning tasks need to be done daily, some hourly, and some monthly – and One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is here to help you get organized. While each food truck will require different tasks depending on what kind of equipment is used, there are some basic cleaning notes that apply to everyone. Dig:

• Make a checklist of areas in the food truck that need for be cleaned. this list should include hot and cold stations, prep areas, and all pieces of equipment. Employees can refer to this checklist after close or during lulls in business.

• Make a sub-checklist for each area that including the steps employees should take while cleaning. This can include, scrubbing, disinfecting, mopping, etc.

• Note which tasks need to be done daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

• Create a daily checklist for rotating stock when new stock comes in.

• Schedule larger, more time-consuming tasks as necessary. Make sure these tasks are scheduled during periods when there is time to accomplish them.

• Train every employee in your cleaning system. Make sure they have access to the checklists and the proper supplies necessary for cleaning.

• Always make sure to clean first, then sanitize. Cleaning is your basic wiping and removing food from a surface, glass, cutting board, etc. Sanitizing is the use of chemicals, heat, etc. to remove bacteria and microorganisms. If you don’t properly clean before you sanitize, your chemicals can be less effective.

• There are dozens if not hundreds of nooks and crannies to be cleaned in your food truck. Besides the equipment, surface areas, and floor, don’t forget the smaller stuff like silverware racks and napkin dispensers!

If you ever have trouble with your existing food truck equipment, let One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment help. Our warehouse is filled with high-quality used commercial restaurant equipment that would fit in perfectly inside a food truck. Whether you’re cooking up BBQ or ethnic food, American standards or cupcakes, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has got the equipment for you!

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