Start Up: Forecasting Food Truck Expenses

Once you’ve got your menu fine-tuned, it’s a smart idea to sit down and forecast your expenses – and One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has got some helpful tips for you. Try to be more accurate than a weatherman’s forecast. There are a bevy of expenses that come with running a food truck to always keep in the front of your mind. Once you get a firm grasp of the expenses and cash flow it will be a cinch and make all the difference between success and failure. Maintaining an expense forecast is essential for keeping on track and keeping your costs down.

In your business plan, you’re going to have to display all of your expenses. This will help investors and loan agencies determine what you’ll be spending to keep your food truck afloat.

Keeping an accurate forecast of your food truck expenses can help you in several ways:

• Assisting in menu prices
• Helping you budget with growth in mind
• Avoiding dangerous cash crunches
• Allowing you to obtain loans and lines of credit
• Impressing your wife

A food truck expense forecast should entail one year’s worth of expenses. The more detailed you get the more complete they’ll be – always a good thing when it comes to expenses.

There are some accounting codes recommended by the National Restaurant Association (NRA, but without all the guns) that will help you forecast accurately. You can find these codes at Some of the codes include: sales, cost of sales, salaries and wages, employee benefits, direct operating expenses, music and entertainment, marketing, utilities, general and administrative, repairs and maintenance, occupancy costs, depreciation and amortization, income taxes, and more. Phew. And all of the codes I just mentioned have their own sub-codes.

Another great resource for helping you forecast food truck expenses is your local food truck association or other food truck owners. Listen to their suggestions and implement them into your plan for additional credibility if a bank or creditor asks how you compiled your business plan.

There are two kinds of expenses you’re going to come across during your food truck domination: controllable expenses and non-controllable expenses. A controllable expense is one within your control. For food trucks, controllable expenses include food and fuel cost, advertising, as well as payroll (you do determine their hours and rate after all). You can change these expenses depending on what works for you. Luckily, most food trucks utilize social media for their advertising, which keeps this controllable expense way down.

An non-controllable expense are the fixed expenses associated with your food truck. Examples of thee expenses include the truck payment, commercial kitchen rental, and insurance. Some non-controllable expenses are difficult to determine, such as taxes and depreciation of your truck.

There is one expense, however, you can save big on: restaurant equipment. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has helped dozens of food trucks around the state get all of the used commercial restaurant equipment they need to keep the customers lining up around the block. No matter what kind of food your serving up to the masses, we’ve got the equipment for you.

And One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment offers several ways for food truck owners to save on all of the equipment they need. Our wicked simple financing program can get you what you need for low monthly payments around $200 to $500 per month. We work with all kinds of credit, no one will be turned away! To learn more about the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment financing program, head over to:

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment also welcomes quick cash deals on the entire stock of used food truck equipment. Paying in cash means you’ll still get all of the same complimentary services One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is famous for, but you’ll also save a ton off of the already low everyday prices to boot!

Complimentary services you say? Yes, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment offers a myriad of free bonuses – all just for shopping with us. We offer free delivery to nearly the entire state of Florida. No other used commercial restaurant equipment dealer offers as much free delivery that the Frog. We deliver absolutely free to Orlando, Sanford, lake Mary, Lakeland, Heartland, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Ocala, Tampa, Tallahassee, Space Coast, Ft. Myers, Melbourne, Miami, and all points in between! Call to find out when we’re heading to your neck of the woods again!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment also offers free custom cutting boards on all used prep tables, free custom paint jobs on any piece of used commercial restaurant equipment that can be painted, and free gas conversion from liquid propane to natural gas and vice-versa.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has everything you need for your food truck no matter what kinda dishes you’re cooking up! We’ve got used range ovens, prep tables, espresso machines, slicers, fryers, griddles, broilers, undercounter coolers, salamanders, bottle coolers, kegerators, and loads more!

All of the used food truck equipment sold by One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment comes with a 30 day parts and labor warranty and gets cleaned and thoroughly tested by our staff of certified in-house technicians.

With all of the expenses that go into running a food truck, at least One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment take care of the equipment part for ya. We look forward to doing some honest business with you!

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