Cook and Hold Your Food with an Alto-Shaam Cook and Hold Oven!

One of the coolest things about working for One Fat Frog is I get to learn about all of these products that I never would’ve known had existed. I’m no stranger when it comes to kitchens, mind you; I know what a dishwasher and a microwave are. But it’s more about the types of products and their capabilities that really intrigues me. Among those products, I’ve been most intrigued by Alto-Shaam cook-and-hold ovens.

For those unfamiliar as I once was, the Alto-Shaam product is definitely one worth knowing. Basically, it started in the 1950s when its founder, Jerry Maahs, was trying to find a way to keep food warm while delivering during cold Wisconsin winters. He pulled together a couple of engineers and they put together this stainless steel box that was heated with thermal cable. Pretty sweet, right? Well, the idea took off, and Jerry started to sell the invention to other businesses, and there it is.

But the business really got big when they tinkered with the original concept to not just cook meat and other foods, but hold it at that temperature without spoiling the flavor or drying it out, hence the term “cook-and-hold”. The idea was so successful, Jerry was able to sell his franchises and concentrate solely on his newly-minted Alto-Shaam, Inc. in the 1960s.

One of the primary advantages of cooking your food in an Alto-Shaam cook-and-hold oven is the ability to avoid “shrinkage” (another fun kitchen term I just learned). Basically, meat that is cooked tends to shrink in size, literally. In a cook-and-hold oven, the amount of shrinkage is dramatically less than a conventional oven. Less shrinkage means more meat can be sold, and more meat being sold means more profits for your business.

We at One Fat Frog have got the Alto-Shaam cook-and-hold oven pictured above and more Alto-Shaam products available right now. We also offer financing and leasing options, making it even easier to get one of these in your kitchen. Plus we have a 30 day parts and labor warranty on our used equipment, as well as free gas conversion, free custom paint jobs, free custom cutting boards. Here’s some more information on financing and leasing and where you can get your application for financing:

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